MW2 Split Screen Mod Tool


Modern Warfare 2 Split Screen Mod Tool

How To Use:

1. OPen a Xbox 360 Hdd Explorer
2. Go to you profile, then to the mw2 folder and extract the mpdata
3. Open the Data in the program and chooose what items you want
(for the xp and score dont add over 8 digits or else it wont save!).
4. then click Save.
5. After you save, close the program and reopen the program.
6. then reopen the same mpdata file and save it again(this is so it can write the checksum to the file and save the prestige correctly)
7. No need to Rehash or Resign(it has one built in)
8. Put it back on your Hdd and Load splitscreen up and voila(your whatever prestige you chose)

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