Gamer Picture Injector 360


Gamer Picture Injector 360

Learn how to add any gamer pic to your Xbox LIVE account for free.
How To Add Any Gamer Picture FREE


• XSata, Xport, or someway to access you Xbox 360 HDD
• CON file with gamer pictures (included in dl)
• Gamer Picture Injector (Included in File)


1. Open the Gamer Picture Injector and Browse for the game in which you want gamer pictures for.
2. Click the search button. It will now try to find gamer pictures for the game, if there are a lot of pictures this can take a minute or two. If it doesn't find any pictures and you know that there are pictures for the game select "Options" and select a different search method.
4. Once you have a few gamer pictures up that you like select them and click the "Export to CON" button. Maximum of 30 pictures for now.
5. Select the name of the CON file (don't use special characters, I would just save it as what it defaults to)
6. Now rehash and resign to the default Xbox Live Profile (0000000000000000). Important step don't resign to your normal Xbox Live profile.
7. Now it just as simple as putting it in your Xbox in the folder Partition 3/Content/0000000000000000/FFFE07D1/00020000
Add your own games/picture packs
1. Find someone that has the picture from the gamer/picture pack on Xbox Live forums.
2. Right click the image and do view image.
3. Look at the link it should look something like this " /t.444d07d1/tile/0/2809c". The part after the "t." is what the ID of the game is that you are going to add. So in this case "444d07d1".
4. Select Options and Add Game in the program and use the ID you found from the previous step and anything you want in the 2 other boxes and then select OK.
5. Search for images for the game you added :-).

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